Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor Homes is Florida's premier manufactured home builder, serving both Florida and the entire southeastern United States. We are the nation's top-selling brand of manufactured homes, with over 600 floorplans and more than 130 company stores nationwide.

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As the nation's largest brand of multi-section manufactured homes, we work hard to deliver value and lasting customer satisfaction. We are proud of our reputation as an innovator in design, construction and marketing.

Through our vertically integrated organization we are able to offer our customers convenient one-stop shopping for insurance and financing at our retail superstores. Also, we promote a spirit of outrageous enthusiasm throughout our valuable Palm Harbor team. We are committed to giving our associates the tools they need to achieve beyond their own expectations.

Company History

On December 31, 1977, starting a company to produce a quality product in a traditionally "low-end" market may not have seemed like a wise business decision to the outside observer. But Lee Posey, Chairman of Palm Harbor Homes, Inc., and 4 valued associates had an idea to produce innovative, high-quality site delivered homes and satisfy their customers with high value for the dollar.

They purchased two environmentally-controlled building facilities with their own funds and a modest loan from a venture capital firm. Over the years they have continued to do things that defied conventional wisdom - like inviting the public into their building centers to see how the homes are made - and helped to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

And now, more than 25 years, 18 plants and 120 retail superstores later, the idea has proven its worth. Palm Harbor Homes is the recognized leader in multi-section factory-built housing. We employ over 4,500 associates and market our homes nationwide, with a vertically integrated organization that includes insurance and finance, through our own retail superstores as well as independent retailers.

Under the direction of Lee Posey, who has been in the industry since 1956, management's thrust has been dedicated to assuring that the customer is satisfied with a quality product and that the associates at Palm Harbor Homes feel this is the best job they have ever had. This commitment has worked - as the demand for manufactured housing in the United States soared, Palm Harbor has stayed on the leading edge of innovative design, construction and marketing while empowering its employees with the tools and responsibility they need to achieve even beyond their own expectations.

Since completing its initial public offering on July 31, 1995, the Company has been listed on NASDAQ under the symbol PHHM.

The Palm Harbor Quality Improvement Process

In an industry that traditionally focuses on price, Palm Harbor has achieved exceptional results focusing on quality. Our ability to supply the demand for quality homes in this value-driven market is directly attributed to the outstanding talents and skills of our exceptional associates. To make full use of those talents and skills, Palm Harbor implemented the Quality Improvement Process (QIP) in 1986.

The Quality Improvement Process is a management system used to prevent and correct problems or inefficiencies. The QIP allows everyone to focus on the customer - whether the customers are internal or external. In a QIP-operated company like Palm Harbor, customer requirements are first determined, then systems are designed and installed to meet these requirements in every phase of the homeowner buying process - from greeting the customer at the retail sales location to final transfer of ownership during the Gold Key Care walk-through.

When a company has people as motivated and as knowledgeable as Palm Harbor associates, a key element of the QIP is its ability to involve associates in making key decisions about the way they do their jobs. Palm Harbor associates work in teams. In regular team meetings, associates identify potential problems. These teams are empowered to implement solutions to the problems that concern them most. The thousands of ideas generated by Palm Harbor associates have enabled us not only to constantly improve the quality of the homes we build, but also to reduce the cost of building them. The result is exceptional value for our home buyers.

Palm Harbor makes continuous and substantial investments in the QIP to make sure our associates have the knowledge needed to constantly improve the quality we build into our homes. Each new associate receives at least 16 hours of classroom training in our Quality Improvement Process. The lessons learned in QES are reinforced during weekly meetings as well as monthly team luncheons. Then, because the QIP is a continuing process, all associates receive refresher courses and updated training designed to help them make full use of their abilities.

The Quality Improvement Process has allowed our associates to commit themselves to quality and customer satisfaction. Those who have made special contributions to quality improvements or customer satisfaction are routinely awarded as A Quality Hero, or A Quality Superstar. This recognition not only demonstrates Palm Harbor's commitment to the QIP, but also energizes our associates to deliver quality above all else. Our dedication to quality first is unique in a business that is normally low-end oriented. While constantly competing against lower priced products, Palm Harbor enjoys a long-standing reputation for quality among consumers.

As a company, our commitment to quality and value is even integrated into our compensation systems. One key difference between Palm Harbor and its competitors is that our managers are not simply paid based on their productivity, but also based on the level of customer satisfaction they are able to produce. This applies to everyone from our Gold Key Care technicians to our plant managers to our retail sales general managers. Company-wide, our dedication to quality first is unique in this industry. At Palm Harbor we believe that quality, value and satisfaction are inseparable. Our products and our services are all designed to deliver "More home for your money."