Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor Homes is Florida's premier manufactured home builder, serving both Florida and the entire southeastern United States. We are the nation's top-selling brand of manufactured homes, with over 600 floorplans and more than 130 company stores nationwide.

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Gold Key Care

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Another exclusive service from Palm Harbor Homes

After your final walk-through with your Gold Key Technician, you'll receive a commemorative "Gold Key" and "Gold Key Card." Much more than emblems of home ownership, these symbolize the Palm Harbor commitment to your complete satisfaction.

The Gold Key is a Palm Harbor Homes exclusive: one key fits both locks and deadbolts on all exterior doors, excluding sliding glass doors. It's just the kind of unique convenience you'd expect from the most respected builder of high quality manufactured homes.

The Gold Card features a toll-free number that you can call anytime for repairs covered by your 5-Year Protection Plan. This blanket protection, the most complete plan of its kind on the market today, covers everything from your home's structure, plumbing system, electrical system and air distribution systems to special features such as fireplaces, doors and windows. Our goal is to completely satisfy each customer. At Palm Harbor Homes, we take customer satisfaction personally.

Year 1

Your Palm Harbor home is warranted to be defect-free in materials and workmanship. The warranty extends to the first retail purchaser and begins on the date of the initial installation at the home site for a period of twelve (12) consecutive calendar months from that date.

Warranty service is available at no cost to the homeowner for defects reported within the warranty period as stated in the New Home Warranty. Included in the coverage of your New Home Warranty are the following items:

All appliances that were installed by Palm Harbor Homes including:
    •  Refrigerator & Dishwasher     •  Furnace & Water Heater
    •  Oven, Range & Cooktop     •  Washer & Dryer
    •  Garbage Disposal & Trash Compactor     •  Smoke Detectors
    •  Built-In Microwave    

Typically, these appliances, equipment and fixtures are covered under separate warranties by their respective manufacturers. In addition to appliances, the following are covered under your first year New Home Warranty:

  Plumbing Fixtures   Lighting Fixtures
    •  Shower Stalls & Bathtubs     •  Exterior Lights
    •  Sinks & Toilets     •  Ceiling Lights
    •  Faucets     •  Wall-Mounted Lights
        •  Switches & Receptacles
  Roofing Materials     •  Circuit Breakers
    •  Shingles & Underlayment    
    •  Fireplace & Appliance Vent Stacks   Floor Covering
    •  Flashing & Sealants     •  Carpet & Carpet Pad
        •  Wood & Ceramic Floor Tile
  Ceiling Fans     •  Vinyl Floor Covering
    •  Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Fans    
    •  Decorative Paddle Fans    

Year 2-5

The 5-Year Gold Key Protection Plan by Palm Harbor Homes lengthens the coverage of the following structural, electrical, and plumbing systems:

  Steel Frame   Interior & Exterior Walls
    •  Draw bar & main I-beams     •  Exterior siding & insulation
    •  Steel support members beneath floor     •  Studs & support lumber within walls
        •  Column members & framing members
  Subfloor Structure    
    •  Wood floor joist supporting floor decking   Roof Structure
    •  Main support beams & floor decking     •  Roof trusses & rafters
    •  Insulation & support lumber within floor     •  Main support beams & roof decking
        •  All support lumber contained within roof
  Home Plumbing Systems     •  Shingles, insulation & metal roofing
    •  Hot & cold water distribution piping    
    •  Drain, waste & vent (DWV) piping   Home Electrical Systems
    •  All piping fittings     •  All wiring, fitting & connections
    •  All piping connections     •  Fixture boxes & junction Boxes
    •  All fixture & appliance connections     •  Main panel & sub-panel boxes

All repairs or replacements made under this 5-Year Protection Plan are subject to a $50 deductible charge per occurrence per system defect.

The replaced or repaired parts are covered only until the 5-Year Protection Plan expires. All parts and components repaired and/or replaced under this plan are the property of Palm Harbor Homes. Final determination whether to repair or replace parts or components will be made by Palm Harbor Homes.

Our inspection process insures your peace of mind

In our continuing commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, Palm Harbor Homes' Gold Key Care extends our Factory Quality Process directly to your home site. Palm Harbor Homes' Gold Key Care professionals will thoroughly inspect, adjust, test and completely detail your home inside and out, above and below for hassle-free home ownership. Palm Harbor Homes' technicians are trained at the factory to finish out your new home to model center standards quickly, economically...and correctly for your peace of mind!

Exterior Inspection
We closely examine your homes exterior, including the roof, chimney, flue stacks and vents. Plus, all doors and windows are inspected for proper installation, tight seal and smooth performance.

Factory Interior Close-Up and Trim Out
Utilizing factory material and factory engineered methods, Gold Key technicians complete the interior of your multi-section home at the mating line. No matter what decor you've selected, our crews have trim to match.

Interior Inspection
For multi-section homes, we assure that your home is properly sealed at the mating line from top-to-bottom and end-to-end. We'll examine all floor, ceiling, and wall surfaces for marring or damage caused by transportation or installation. If necessary, touch-up or repairs will be made adhering to factory requirements.

Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Systems
Each of these systems was thoroughly tested at the factory beyond federal requirements. If your utility services have been connected, we'll test them again to make certain that all factory-installed plumbing, electrical components, fixtures and appliances are operating properly for additional peace of mind.

Interior & Exterior Doors
We adjust all the doors in your new home so that they close easily and latch tightly for efficiency, privacy and security.

There's More!
We know a beautiful gourmet kitchen requires lots of easy opening cabinets and smooth operating drawers and we make certain this demand is met. We make any adjustments necessary in kitchens, baths, utility rooms and other rooms with cabinetry. We also check all counter tops for proper fit and caulking.

Final Detailing
Because we pay close attention to detail, you can be assured that tubs and showers are clean and enclosures properly adjusted, appliance shipping straps are removed, all screens are in place, lighting fixtures are properly installed. We'll remove all debris, clean all counter tops, and sweep the floor.

Your Walk-Through
You can join our Gold Key Technician for a complete walk-through, inside and out, answering your questions and explaining all that was accomplished. He or she will then review your Home Care and Maintenance Guide with you and explain your New Home Warranty.