How Palm Harbor homes survived Hurricane Andrew.

Hurricane Andrew was a truly monstrous storm. Blasting south Florida with gusts of more than 175 mph and spawning tornadoes of even greater ferocity, it left a path of indescribable destruction. Andrew's full force hit Gateway West community in Florida City, leaving the 124-lot neighborhood in ruins. But there were a few exceptions.

Of the community's ten Palm harbor homes, eight came through with damage no more serious than broken windows and lost shingles and lap siding. The ninth home's sidewall was partially collapsed by a neighbor's flying refrigerator, and the tenth was destroyed by a direct tornado hit.

No other manufactured homes weathered the storm as well. And, while we're thankful that such disasters are rare, we are also proud that out homeowners had this extra measure of security. As one resident put it, "Look around our community. It's obvious there is no comparison between Palm Harbor and the other homes."

Hurricane Andrew (above) was the most expensive natural disaster in the history of the United States. It caused damage estimated to be near $25 billion, and in Dade County, Florida alone it left over a quarter of a million people homeless.

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