Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor Homes is Florida's premier manufactured home builder, serving both Florida and the entire southeastern United States. We are the nation's top-selling brand of manufactured homes, with over 600 floorplans and more than 130 company stores nationwide.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What's the difference between mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes?

If you haven't stepped inside a manufactured home lately, you're in for a really big surprise... especially if it's a Palm Harbor. Technically, modular homes and mobile homes are manufactured homes. Palm Harbor builds manufactured homes and they're built to a Federal Code. Perhaps you knew them as mobile homes once, but after HUD passed the Federal Manufactured Housing Standards and Safety Act, the term mobile home was dropped. Because we build to the Federal HUD Code, HUD approved third party inspectors are in our factories at all stages during production. Modular homes fall under local jurisdiction. Some of our factories do build modular depending on the factory location and the destination of the home. Modular codes could be DCA, UBC, BOCA, SBC, etc. The differences usually involve design standards versus performance standards. Municipalities differ in that they have different requirements and variations within county governments.

Can Palm Harbor help me find land on which to place my new home?

Our survey indicates that 50% of the families that come to us already have their own land or an idea of where they want to put a new home. We have Land-Home Specialists at each sales center who are eager to help you and the remaining 50%. Be sure to check out our Finding a Homesite page to see details on some of the land we currently have available for your new Palm Harbor home.

How does Palm Harbor stack up to the competition?

Frankly, my dear, we don't give a hoot about what our competition is doing. We know we have the best value for the money in the housing industry! Our Gold Key Care plan assures our care for the customer and their complete satisfaction. Our warranty combined with our 5-Year Protection plan gives our homeowners additional peace-of-mind for continued satisfaction for years to come. We hired an independent third party consultant that calls our customers months after they move in to see how everything is going, much like J.D. Powers does in the automobile industry. From these scores, we develop a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) on the performance of our factories as well as our Retailers. Our managers and technicians are compensated on their CSI scores and it shows... they're outrageously positive in pursuit of their one driving force... to completely satisfy ever Palm harbor homeowner.

Do you have floor plans that accommodate the physically challenged?

Each of our factories has an engineering staff capable of modifying or adapting many floor plans to accommodate the physically disabled with wheelchairs and walkers.

How hard is it to get a manufactured home financed?

If you've ever bought a site-built home, you already know how long and tedious and drawn out the finance process can be. That's why "specialty" lenders evolved to turn loans faster because manufactured homes are built faster on an assembly line. To make the process even quicker and easier, we created our own finance company, CountryPlace Mortgage. For a limited time you can purchase any new Doublewide home by Palm Harbor for just $1,500 down or even $0 down if you own your own land. Your Palm Harbor Sales Center can provide you with all the details.

Can I finance land and home together?

Financing land and home together is common in many areas. Septic and other improvements are often included in the total package. Check with your Palm Harbor Sales Representative for all the details.

How much do I need to put down on a home?

Every consumer's need and financial situation is different. We have qualified finance specialists who will explore the best possibilities with a multitude of lenders that will best suit your needs. You may qualify for different rates and down payment requirements based on your financial situation.

Do you offer FHA and VA loans?

Most Retailers have lending sources that primarily write loans on manufactured homes. Since these sources specialize in Manufactured Housing Loans, they make it very easy for Retailers. FHA and VA Lenders do not solicit Retailers to "push" their loans. Because the Retailer is the seller and not the lender, the Retailer can only take advantage of the lenders' special programs. However, our financial experts at our sales centers inform me that if a customer were to obtain a commitment for FHA or VA financing from another source, they would be more than happy to work with that source. In 1998, only 28 manufactured homes in the United States were financed VA. Palm Harbor alone sold nearly 16,000 homes last year... 3 were FHA, 0 were VA. Today, conventional loans are just as competitive (if not more competitive) than VA or FHA. The main advantage of VA financing is $0 down. Right now with approved credit, you can get into any new Palm Harbor doublewide for just $1500 down or even $0 down if you own your own land.

Under what names does Palm Harbor build?

Palm Harbor Homes builds under two brand names, Palm Harbor and Masterpiece. Under those brand names we build different series such as Keystone, Riverbend, Windsor, Excel, Signature and others. Many manufacturers use series numbers... 2000, 2500, 9000. We think series "names" are easier to remember for the customer (and for our sales consultants). Though each series may vary by floor plan or decor, they're all built with Palm Harbor Quality throughout. You still get the same "Customer Choice" features and benefits with every home. You still get "Gold Key Care" for complete peace-of-mind with every home. DuraBeauty, while standard on some series, may be optional on others.

How does a Palm Harbor home compare to a site-built home on price per square foot?

As a little research will confirm, the cost of a site-built home can vary widely based on builder, location, site improvements, option packages or upgrades, and so on. The same, of course, holds true for manufactured homes.

As a general guide, the base cost of a Palm Harbor home typically ranges from $40 to $75 per square foot. Again, this will depend upon where the home is located geographically (set up costs can very widely from location to location), options or upgrade packages (carpet grades, cabinetry, exteriors, energy efficiency packages, and so on) and any engineering changes for personal preferences. However, all things considered, Palm Harbor manufactured homes are significantly less expensive than site-built housing.