Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor Homes is Florida's premier manufactured home builder, serving both Florida and the entire southeastern United States. We are the nation's top-selling brand of manufactured homes, with over 600 floorplans and more than 130 company stores nationwide.

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Performance Plus

After you have lived in your new home for one year, Palm Harbor Homes recommends that you inspect and maintain certain features of your house. We realize that some homeowners are uncomfortable handling electrical or plumbing maintenance and prefer not to climb on their roof or crawl under their home. So Palm Harbor Marketing, Inc. is proud to offer our new Performance Plus Care Program. One year after your new home, purchase, a factory-trained technician will perform your home inspection with you and make adjustments as needed.

This entire package is offered free of charge, and is one of the many benefits of purchasing your new Palm Harbor home and amenity package through Palm Harbor Marketing, Inc. or an affiliated community. This free package saves you an estimated $3,500 that an outside licensed and/or registered contractor would charge you to perform all of these important tasks.


The exterior of your new home is robust and will withstand most everything Mother Nature can throw at it, but from time to time there may be little things that show up that need some attention. Your performance plus coverage will take care of those things and more. Performance Plus covers:

  • Assure the home is level and re-level as necessary.
  • Check exterior caulking and repair if needed.
  • Lubricate window levers and guides.
  • Insure proper function of exterior doors and make necessary adjustments.
  • Check bottom board for tears and repair if required.
  • Check anchor ties for proper tension and make necessary adjustments.
  • Check for loose exterior siding and repair if necessary.
  • Inspect for proper drainage under home and adjust if necessary.
  • Seal around windows and doors and lubricate hinges and latches.
  • Check for proper ventilation under the home and make adjustments as needed.
  • Check for window, door or roof leaks and repair if needed.
  • Check for plumbing leaks and repair if needed.


Beyond the normal wear, the interior of your new home may need some attention here and there as the home settles on its foundation. Performance Plus is there to cover:

  • Adjust interior doors.
  • Repair ceiling and wall settling cracks, if required.
  • Reattach loose trim.
  • Adjust cabinet doors if needed.
  • Lubricate drawer guides.
  • Replace or clean air filters.
  • Check for dap voids and repair.


Plumbing systems in Palm Harbor homes meet or exceed all building codes, but as homes settle and plumbing expands and contracts over time, issues can arise. Performance Plus takes care of this by covering:

  • Check for proper connection on drainpipes under the home, making any needed adjustments.
  • Drain water heater, check function of element, clean and fill.
  • Check tubs and showers for leaks, making any needed repairs.
  • Check and adjust commodes.
  • Check all P-Traps.
  • Check for water line leaks, making any necessary adjustments.


Even the best-constructed homes need periodic maintenance and repairs to the electrical system. Performance Plus protects your investment by doing the following:

  • Inspect electrical system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.
  • Check smoke alarms and replace batteries.
  • Check exhaust fans and adjust if needed.
  • Insure air conditioning ducts are firmly connected and secured off ground.
  • Check air conditioning unit for level, make sure P-trap is clear, clear if necessary.
  • Check GFI system, making any needed adjustments.


The heat of he day and the cool of the evening can affect your roof. Performance Plus takes the worry out of roof maintenance by having our trained technicians take a look at your roof and:

  • Reseal all vent flashings.
  • Reseal all skylights.
  • Check shingles for excessive wear or damage and replace as needed.
  • Inspect gutter for proper drainage and repair if needed.
  • Check ridge cap for proper seal and repair if needed.
  • Clean exterior skylights.
  • Reseal loose shingles.