Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor Homes is Florida's premier manufactured home builder, serving both Florida and the entire southeastern United States. We are the nation's top-selling brand of manufactured homes, with over 600 floorplans and more than 130 company stores nationwide.

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The Pruitts

We are finding our first ever experience with a manufactured home by Palm Harbor to be an interesting and pleasant experience. Heretofore, we have always built or bought "stick built homes."

So far we have been pleased with the quality of Palm Harbor's building and we hope that will continue in the months ahead.

Most importantly, Sherri and Darlene, your reps who sold us our house worked hard with us to get all of the kinks out of whatever needed to be corrected. Their follow-through attitude was a blessing to us. The were there when we need items and to do things in the finishing process: things we could not do.

William and his men, Neal and Tim, have also been a good support: it has to be fixed, they fix it and they know what they are doing.

So our Palm Harbor experience has been good because of the quality of Palm Harbor homes. However, most of all, because of Sherri, Darlene, William, Neal and Tim. They followed us through the "rough spots," got us through the transition of getting things fixed. They know what they are doing and they are good people. They care! Thanks!

Paula Pruitt

We are taking this opportunity to express our thanks to Jo Dinius for helping us in making our decision to buy our Palm Harbor home. We found her to be a very warm and friendly person, very open to answering our questions fully and clearly. Her knowledge of her homes and the park were outstanding. After buying our home she was able to get all the minor repairs done and was always available to help in any way needed. She made our buying and moving here a good experience.

We also wish to express our satisfaction with our Palm Harbor home. We love it! The floor plan is open and very people friendly with plenty of windows and a nicely flowing floor plan.

The kitchen is a cook's dream with the island counter, lots of large cabinets and a great pantry layout.

The home has plenty of closets, large bedrooms and bathrooms. All the tile throughout is easy to care for.

We are very pleased with our home and would recommend Palm Harbor Homes to anyone.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Slonakis

Janet Dunham (r) with Jo Dinius

Thanks to Jo Dinius for helping me find my perfect Palm Harbor home in the wonderful community that was meant for me. I had checked many manufactured homes and none of the other companies compared with Palm Harbor. The quality and workmanship in the homes are amazing.

Janet Dunham

In April of this year, we took possession of our Palm Harbor home in Maple Leaf Estates in Port Charlotte, Florida. Following the destruction of our home by Hurricane Charlie, we took a careful look at the many new homes on display from several different companies. We decided to buy a Palm Harbor home because of their overall construction and solid structure, the superior quality of the interior and exterior of the home and because of Palm Harbor's reputation as a quality builder.

Because this was our first ever purchase of a residence outside of Canada and in fact our first time in Florida, we had many questions and a lot to learn. It was during this process that we met your agent, Mr. Byers Levy. Byers was very knowledgeable, and giving of his time. Although it was an unprecedented busy time for him he was always available to answer our questions and to discuss any questions that arose. For example, we had a plumbing crisis which occurred on a Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm. On the day before we were to move in. Byers stayed to help us find a plumber and to offer Palm Harbor's support both emotional and financial which was extremely appreciated.

He was also instrumental in finding an mutually agreeable resolution which arose over the quality of two of the appliances in our new home.

We are grateful to Mr. Levy for all his help during the ups and downs of first time buyers of a new home in a new place. Given the numerous and often unique problems that can arise when rebuilding after a hurricane.

Palm Harbor Homes is extremely lucky to have a dedicated, knowledgeable, loyal and indeed charming employee as Byers Levy. He represents the face of your company not only at home but internationally and he is a credit to you and your products.

Yours sincerely,

Roberta and Yvon Tarte
Port Charlotte, FL

We purchased a Palm Harbor Home after Hurricane Frances destroyed our 15 year old Palm Harbor Home in Port St. Lucie, FL in October 2004. The experience of acquiring permits from St. Lucie County was a "nightmare." It took from October to June 2005. Our Palm Harbor Home was ready in December to be shipped from Plant City, FL. Your Sales Manager Byers Levy of Plant City, FL was extremely supportive in this process. He followed up constantly to make our home buying experience a happy one, given the long delay with the county.

We are snow birds from Michigan and unfortunately have not been able to live at this home til this winter. We were assured that any items that would come up would be taken care of at that time.

Robert & Marlene DiPascale
Macomb, MI

It is difficult to briefly explain what I love about my Palm Harbor Home and the factors that determined me decision to purchase and choose Lake Hammock Community. First, I liked the park and Haines City after visiting other communities. Being in sale all my life, I was extremely impressed with Bob who did not apply any pressure. He radiated quality human characteristics by taking time in explaining the quality of Palm Harbor Homes and encouraging me to visit the plant in Plant City. He even took the time to drive me over to Auburndale to visit with an owner of the same type of model I was interested in purchasing. During and even after construction, Bob kept open communication at all times. He kept me informed of the construction progress and was kind to send pictures of the various stages while on the building site.

Other factors that sold me were the visit to Plant City. I was impressed in that you exceeded the building standards in all areas of construction. The variety of floor plans, the quality of materials used, the assistant of your staff and the services after closing are all excellent.

In summary it was a pleasure in working with Bob and I would highly recommend Palm Harbor Homes.

David L. Wakefield
Haines City, FL

The Vernons

When something as devastating as Charley strikes there are things that happen that we have no way of knowing what or how to do. That's where Palm Harbor and Sheree Still came to our side. We love our new home and the people who made the transition as smooth as possible, Sheree Still, Nancy Frisch, and Mr. Keener.

Ted Vernon

Penny and I went through some tough times after Charley hit Punta Gorda. They were stressful times full of uncertainty, including the need to make a decision on replacing our home in Florida or moving back north. After some looking around at local dealers, some friends, who's home survived Charley's wrath, recommended Palm Harbor homes and we decided to make the trip up to Plant City.

Stressed out as we were, one could have predicted the rocky start to our discussions with the marketing team. It was the quality we saw in the Palm Harbor Home that pushed us to overcome those initial fears and work through the situation with a lot of help from Carolyn Herlong (our newest and best rep.) at Plant City. The rest is history and we have not one had one single regret. Our new home arrived and fit us like a glove. It is well constructed with excellent attention to detail providing us additional reassurance that our decision to stay and purchase a Palm Harbor was the correct one.

Once into our home we discovered Palm Harbor after sales service... it as to be the benchmark of the industry. Penny and I take pride in telling others how good these people are. Roy our local response guy is outstanding... Nancy in the Plant City operation is very responsive to any and all issues we may have. Having seen and heard some of the issues other have had with their new homes... Palm Harbor's "Gold Key Care" was a most pleasant surprise, it is just plain outstanding.

We are not bashful in recommending Palm Harbor to anyone looking to buy a "Premium Home."

Ken & Penny Fahrbach
Punta Gorda, Florida

After Hurricane Charlie destroyed my mother's Florida home, then dealing with the clean up and with various insurance adjusters, Carolyn Herlong was a breath of fresh air. We met Carolyn at the Palm Harbor Factory in Plant City, FL. She invited us into her office and assisted us with various styles and floor plans of homes. She was very professional in showing us through homes, recommending changes and options. As we tried to decide on a style and floor plan she was always available to answer our questions. When we finally decided on a custom home she was there to walk us through the process, as well as make many knowledgeable recommendations. She followed up after the home was completed and set up, to make sure every detail we expected was completed. She is still the person we turn to whenever we have questions or need assistance.

I highly recommend Carolyn Herlong to anyone contemplating the purchase of a Palm Harbor home. She is a very knowledgeable person, willing to put in the extra time to make sure your purchase meets your expectations.

Albert Surmont
Morehead, KY

The Albains

Our experience with Palm Harbor Marketing has been very wonderful. When we decided to look into manufactured housing, we went online to look for different communities. Schalamar Creek was the first place we looked, and after looking at others we came back because of the quality of Palm Harbor Homes. Yvette was great to work with and very informative as well. We would highly recommend anyone to buy a Palm Harbor Home from Palm Harbor Marketing.

Larry & Penny Albain

I am writing today to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to everyone who had a big or small role in the building of my new Palm Harbor home.

My husband passed away two years ago then Hurricane Charlie hit our little community and destroyed most of our homes. Mike Wnek with your company was there with Mr. Draper, seems like the next day, and assured us that help was on the way.

You called day after that and before I knew it my friend Nadine and I were up in Plant City picking out our new homes. I am so grateful for the kindness and patience you showed to me during this hard time. You made an overwhelming situation much easier for me and I will be forever grateful.

I love my new Palm Harbor and everyone comes to see it. Please give special thanks to Roger and Kathy Smith who did the finish trim work after the home was delivered they were extremely helpful and professional.

Charlene Vaillancourt

The Ahrens, with Carolyn Herlong (center)

Who is Carolyn Herlong?

She is the best sales person that Palm Harbor employs!! This is a fact according to Dick and Shirley Ahrens.

From the onset, we were impressed with Carolyn's professional attitude and attention to detail. She demonstrates a positive approach to all inquiries and knows the product she is selling. Carolyn makes herself available at any time of the day to help a customer.

When putting together various items in the house we selected, Carolyn made notations and suggestions what were very acceptable to us. She is concerned about her customers and called at various times during the building process. Our house was set two days before Hurricane Wilma came through Okeechobee. The day after the hurricane, Carolyn called us and drove us to Okeechobee to make sure our house was in good condition.

Towards the end of our house completion, Carolyn contacted us numerous times to keep us up to date on the completion. Many times she would check in other departments of Palm Harbor for answers to our questions.

Carolyn's friendly smile and warm approach to all people is her greatest asset. She is definitely a people person. We have got to know Carolyn through the six months that she worked with us and consider her our adopted daughter. Her willingness to go the extra mile is quite evident with us and we thank her.

Shirley and Richard Ahrens

We have been in our Palm Harbor home for over a year and enjoy it more each day.

The second best thing about purchasing our Palm Harbor home was our salesperson, Mr. Robert Kimbrough. Bob always went one step above to ensure that we were satisfied with our home and continues to do so.

Francis and Elaine Pepe
Lake Hammock Village

Our home required several custom changes and these were made with a minimum of costs and hassles. Ed Hester was true to his word on what the end result would be. Sharon made all of our changes and suggested ways to make them even better. Nancy Frisch and her people made everything right when we found things that needed fixing. We love our new Palm Harbor home.

Larry and Diane Tong
Harbor Isles